Vocal Rider and CLA Vocals with Logic Pro


I am new to recording and mixing. Here is a listing of the gear I initially purchased:

  • MacBook Pro (Apple M1 Max with 64GB memory)
  • Logic Pro (v10.7.5)
  • Scarlett 4i4 (3rd gen)
  • Shure SM7B

My goal has been to use professionally recorded song tracks that I’ve purchased (purchased from karaoke-version dot com) and to record myself, singing the lead vocal track.

Until this past week, I have only been using the stock plug-ins that come with Logic Pro. Whilst it has been going well, I know there are better ways (proper ways) to set everything up with its stock plug-ins.

However… I just purchased (3) CLA Vocal Plug-ins this week:

  1. CLA Vocals
  2. Vocal Rider
  3. CLA-2A Compressor/Limiter

I am hoping that by using ONLY the CLA plug-ins, it might be easier for me to figure out “how to” set everything AND doing so would also give me better end-results.

I have watched countless videos on YouTube but I am still not sure how I should go about setting up the order of the CLA plug-ins, levels within Vocal Rider (especially the Sensitivity of the “Music” pot), the Target, the Vocal Rider Side Chain, the Vocal Rider Write / Read, etc., etc.

Another related topic I should also table is: I have read the best practice to use is to setup a “REC Vox” track and record my vocal onto that track. After successfully recording/capturing that vocal, then it would be moved from the REC Vox track, to another “empty” Lead Vox track. Is that the best method for working with a vocal? And if so, do I have to install the same CLA plug-ins and set levels onto the “empty” Lead Vox track that is used on the “REC Vox track”?

I am attaching a screenshot of how I have a new song setup, that I want to record myself singing. I sure would appreciate any and all feedback on how to set the rest up with CLA Plug-ins. Thank you!