Using vocal rider and L2 maximizer together

New to Waves plugins (which I’m loving !!) I recently purchased Vocal Rider and want to add it to an FX chain in reaper which has the L2 as last plugin.
Where should I place vocal rider ? Before or after the L2 ?
Hope this isn’t a stoopid question… ! And thanks for any help :heart_eyes:

S’up bro, welcome… There is no such thing as stupid question, despite what others might say.

Generally you would want a limiter, the L2 in the case, on the end of your signal chain, but there are exceptions to this. It really comes down to the context of what you are trying to do and whether you are doing this on a track or a bus.

Could you elaborate more on how you plan to use the two together??

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Hey, thanks Simon !
Waves say to use the Vocal Rider last in the chain, but putting the L2 before it seems to mess up the overall level. Maybe I don’t actually need the L2 with the Vocal Rider ?
But it does add some “punch” to the track.
Confusing !

Vocal Rider is generally used on a track basis. You could either put it first to help conform the vocals so they would hit your compressor and/or limiter at a more consistent level.

Or you could put it at the end of the chain and use it after the compressor/limiter to rein in the levels a bit more the vocals sit in a better space and you don’t end up over compressing things. The bonus of doing it this way is you could also sidechain it to a “music” submix so you can set the vocals to float just above it.

So there is two ways to approach this, possibly more if you get into splitting hairs and experimental ideas.

Thanks again !
Guess I’ll just have to get singing and try both configurations :wink:
The Vocal Rider would be my choice if I have to use just one of the two, it’s a great plugin !

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