Abbey road TG meter bridge - track name selection

Hello everyone.

I just wanted to be clear on something as it isn’t mentioned in the user manual.

I have ARTG Mastering on my stereo out in Logic X followed by Logic’s Adaptive Limiter and then ARTG Meter Bridge. Am I correct in thinking that if I have stereo out selected in the track name menu in ARTG Meter Bridge, that it is showing me the output levels from ARTG Mastering plug-in only and not the final output level, i.e, the level from the Adaptive Limiter following ARTG Mastering?

Am I correct in thinking that if I have Meter Bridge selected in the track name menu in ARTG Meter Bridge, that it is showing me the final output levels, i.e, the levels after the Adaptive Limiter?


Yeah it will only be showing the level as it reaches it’s point in the signal chain on the stereo out. It has no way to tap into the output coming after a Logic plugin, not unless you put another TG meter there or something,

Thanks for your reply Simon.

The meter bridge is the last plugin on the stereo out. It’s showing me two different levels. One for the stereo out, if that’s what I select in the track name field on the meter bridge and a different level if I select ‘meter bridge’ in the name field.

Hi @AMD :slight_smile:

The AR TG Meter Bridge will show the Input/Gain Reduction/Output levels of the AR TG Mastering plug-in itself, selected in the Track Name.

When the Track Name is Meter Bridge it will show the input coming into the meter itself.

For your example, it will be the levels after Logic’s limiter.

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Many thanks for your reply! It makes sense now :blush:

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Yeah I believe it was designed that way so we could place the TG anywhere within our mastering chain, use it conjunction with other plugins, and still be able to use its metering to both monitor the TG itself or the entirety of the chain that comes before the meter plugin.

Just one way in which Waves tries to up the ante and give us a plugin that is more flexible than the real deal, I imagine.

Thanks. On a different note, On the TG plug-in itself, if I solo any of the EQ bands and change the gain, I can’t hear the changes while the band is soloed. That’s pretty ■■■■!

If the power button in the module is active, meaning the eq isn’t in bypass, I would think that it should work. This sounds to me like a bug worth reporting.

Reported. They said they’re working on a fix.

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Oh okay, so it is definitely a bug then. Good to know they’re working on a fix.

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