Vocal #ender makes 3 plugins added to Mercury in 1 year!

I just realized today that 3 plugins have been added to Mercury since I bought into the Waves ecosystem:

CLA Epic
and the new Vocal #ender

I really appreciate the plugins being added to Mercury and if you guys keep doing this I’ll keep my Waves Update Plan going!

When someone asks what the best Waves plugins are – I have a few personal favorites that get used more than others, but the best value is the whole set.

If someone owns Mercury & the Abbey Road collection – the power of what you can do is incredible. You almost don’t need anything else…

PS. I do wish the $240 cap with Waves Update Plan was an actual $240 cap. Finding out it’s $325 for me is disappointing and actually discourages individual plugin purchases. For example, I will probably let my update plan lapse for enough months until my most recent individual plugin and then update all at once (for $240.) I don’t see why I need to pay extra to bring the plugins in sync. It should just extend the current date by 1 year.

Anyhow, thanks for adding Vocal #ender to Mercury. It’s an exciting bit of new value!

PS #2:#ender” is censored in the forum so we can’t even say the name of the product! =)

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