Waves finally showing their true colors

I always thought that Waves was ripping people off cos of their prices 15+ years ago.
The ones I wanted were in the 200-400 USD range.
Then when I could afford Waves, with all the sales etc, i discovered the WUP fees and it felt like Waves was gonna get the full price they were asking for (200-400) either way in the form of WUP fees.
I did update some and left others in previous versions. I felt it was a rip off regardless.
Now with the subscription plan I have to pay 25 a month and about 300 a year for the 10-15 plugin that I already purchased and own licences of.
This might be great for new blood in the game but not good for loyal customers that stood the test of time. Im talking about the ones that have invested more than 3000USD in Waves products.

Im sad that I have to part with Waves like this and start looking for alternatives to the 10 plugins i used.
Im happy that Waves has shown their true colors though.