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Mercury Bundle Giveaway

Wow, someone will be happy! Mercury is an incredible bundle. For a long time I eyed it but couldn’t imagine buying it… But then bit by bit, my random purchases added up and it became considerably affordable one day as an upgrade offer so I took it.

It’s really cool & smart of Waves to count previous purchases toward bundle discounts.

At this point I’m neck deep in the Waves eco system. Between Mercury, Abbey Road Studio, and a bunch of other individual purchases — I’m all set, and making music is fun… Like I can do anything I imagine.

Now I’m looking forward to the next version having more HiDPI updates! I’m desperate for a HiDPI Omni Channel — that’s probably my #1 most used tool.

But I’ve also been experimenting with using multiple preamps (NLS, Omni, SSL, etc.) and tape sims (J37 + Kramer Master Tape) to simulate a full analog experience. I love what it does to the sound… No more “overly pristine digital audio” which makes me so happy because I come from an era where I used an analog mixer and hardware. The sound is similar enough to more-than-satisfy.

Cheers to whoever wins that bundle! Maybe they’ll come by here to celebrate their winnings!

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Just figured out how to throw up a better image “preview”…

Yeah I agree with you. A while ago I would have coveted all of this. These days though, I have invested in a few developers. It generally starts because they all do something exclusive no-one else does, and it just grows from there.

I have too many plugins now. However, I’m one of the few who doesn’t suffer from plugin paralysis, I actually find it empowering as I can make my choice based on matching the concept with the differences in “aesthetics” and what context its being used in. I’m beginning to turn it into a it of a art form in itself.

At least I’m not blowing my money on cigarettes, narcotics, alcohol and other types of vices. :upside_down_face:

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