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Hell yeah!! In the past it was Magma, CR8, Berserker, Sibilance, from. memory, plus other useful plugins.

I’m pretty sure this will also be something worth signing up for.


I am quite new and got it, it is quite useful and a lot of thanks for it!
Urmas from Estonia

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@waves I did sign up thank you however the email never arrived with the code?
is that what was supposed to happen? there’s no licence registered in my account either

Hi @macleod,

Welcome to the Waves Forum.

Please Contact Technical Support they will be able to assit you with this matter quickly.

My code just arrived a day back. I expect there are just delays due to the sheer volume of licenses that have to be emailed.

Once again it turns out to be a really useful plugin. Its just a pity it only does vocals, though I imagine there might be more plugins like it on the way.