OCD request: Hide option in Waves Central for old, unused plugins or

The subject line pretty much says it all, but actually I would like to see one of two things (or both) happen:

  1. Be able to more easily sort my licenses in Waves Central, by version and/or bundle, to include the ability to hide away unwanted or unused plugins.

  2. Would love if Waves offered either a buy-back for credit option on plugins, if for no other reason as a means to getting old and/or unused plugins out of Waves Central. This would eliminate having to re-up WUP on unused plugins in order to try and sell them, in order to get them out of and de-clutter Waves Central.

All in all, I wish to recycle old, obsolete Waves plugins out and replace them with something newer and shinier from Waves. The ability to sell the old ones back to Waves for credit toward the newer shinier models would be very enticing. :slight_smile:

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Great idea man. I’m with you on this one.