HELP! Plug ins randomly stop working

I am having some trouble with my purchased Waves plugins. All are V11 and all licenses are up to date.
I have two problems:

  1. Three of my plugins fail to be enabled by the plug in manager despite rescanning:
  • CLA 2A (S) - The Mono one works just fine
  • RVerb (m-> S)
  • Rverb (S)
  1. These plugins we working fine and suddenly I am receiving the message:
    " Failed to load audio unit __, please contact the manufacturer for an updated version or further assistance."
  • Aphex Vintage Exciter
  • C4
  • L2
    *Maserati GRP
  • SSL Comp (S)

These plugins have been scanned and activated by the plug in manager but still will not open in a project.

I am very disappointed as I have spent a significant amount on Waves plugs recently and have had lots of problems!


First of all, disclaimer… I’m NOT from Waves Tech Support, nor am I an employee at Waves. The best way of looking to these issues is checking out these two links below.

Support Site
Tech Support

That said, I can offer one or two insights, but beyond that, check out the links.

Also in Logic’s Plugin Manager, try selecting the plugins in question and do a Revalidate. This is simple to do and has fixed a few issues for me. Sometimes Logic doesn’t correctly validate properly. I’ve only known this to be a more recent problem, possibly a Catalina issue.

If that doesn’t work try running the Waves AUVal app inside the main Waves folder within Applications. It’s also simple, make sure Logic is shutdown as you do it.

I guess it goes without saying that everything is up to date?? Waves Central, it’s plugins, Logic?? If not that’s best to get sorted out as well.

What can cause potential issues is clashing V9, V10 & V11 plugins. You kind of need to make sure that nothing like that is happening. There is a Repair option in Central, but that can take a few hours to run, especially if you have a few instruments installed. Even then I don’t know if it factors V9 plugins into the mix. It might be better to take up the matter with Support before thinking about using this feature.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks a million! This + a full uninstall / reinstall of Central helped resolve the issue.