V9 Plugins on new PC?!

Hi there, Im having real problems figuring out what the process is to download my old Waves plugins onto my new PC.

I’ve recently built a new PC an am currently installing all my old software, the only problem I’m having is figuring out the process of installing these older plugins.

I can see the full licenses when I click on “Disconnected Devices”, do I need to recover these? and then what do I need to do? Cant seem to find any information on this. Theres a video from waves about installing V9 plugins but doesn’t seem to correspond when I try that way.

Any help much appreciated! :slight_smile:

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Did the video point you towards an installer file or another method of downloading it??

Hi @Cynan666,

Note that Disconnected Devices refer to other devices with the licenses are activated on to.

Please refer to this link and follow the steps to move the licenses from the older computer to the new one.

If you don’t have access to the older computer, refer to this link and follow the steps to use your once per year per license recovery option.

Note that V9 products can be installed using a dedicated V9 Offline Installation folders (ie V9.3, V9.6, V9.92), depending on your DAW version.

If any further assistance is needed, please contact our TechSupport Team, to advise properly.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, finally figured it out.
So yeah I had to recover my licenses to my new PC, then use the V9 ofline installer to install the plugins I had.
Seems a long winded way to do it, but it worked!
Many thanks!

Unfortunately, the combination of upgrading hardware or computers and dealing with potential licensing issues are quite common amongst many developers. However, licensing and security would have never been an issue if it wasn’t for pirates and hackers. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Glad you git it sorted, though.

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