Renew Waves Support Plan?

I just upgraded my 5 yr old PC to Win 10 from 7. And in replacing all my lost apps/plugins, Waves central 11 (?) is only installing/licensing about 25% of what I own. The version 9 plugins - which all show licensed, do not appear as install options. Is that because the expiration date is long past? On one hand I’m not happy to pay $240 to renew the plan across these plugins, but I probably will do it if this unlocks the applications and allows me to install them. Yes, I downloaded WAVES CENTRAL L (version 9 legacy) but want to make REAL sure this $240 will get my my plugins. Thanks!


First, note that it’s possible to install v9.6 or v9.92 on Windows 10 using the latest Waves Central v11.0.60. For example, you can refer to the installation process at this link.

Secondly, today we’ve launched a 25% off Waves Update Plan campaign.

And lastly, if you’re still encountering issues or if you have questions on the level of your personal account and use case you’re more than welcome to contact support


There are new perks that come with WUP as well. Like a second licence, special offers and access to exclusive master classes. Plus you get a voucher back to the same value you spend on WUP.

I believe you can get 30-35% off with Mix With The Masters via WUP.

So its not all bad. After all developers can’t work for free, they need to eat too.