V12 Not Compatible with Ableton Live?

Windows 10 64bit
Ableton Live 10 (latest)

I just received the free CLA Slap plugin and wanted to install it. As soon as I opened Waves Central it auto updated and now a handful of plugins are no longer compatible with Ableton Live. I was in the middle of working on some projects that use them. I squint every time I purchase something new because there’s no telling what’s going to happen when I have to launch Waves Central. I wish it were a smoother process.

After looking into it further it seems every plugin that shows v12 are the ones now showing as incompatible with Ableton Live while all the v11 versions are fine. Though these v12 plugins were working just early today. I haven’t even messed with updating them unless it did it behind the scenes.

This has happened a few times before too but I cannot remember how I got it working.

Please help.


I figured it out. For the record, in case this comes up for someone else, I did the following:

  1. Open Waves Central
  2. Click the Settings Cog icon (lower left)
  3. Run the 3 options under Maintenance called “Repair”, “Version Organizer” and “Fix permissions and ownership”
  4. Once complete, copy the Wave Shell files from the Waves folder to the desired location.
  5. Restart computer
  6. Launch Ableton Live and let it complete the scan on.
  7. Enjoy plugins. (hopefully this works in most, if not all similar cases)
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Thank you for this, in my case the repair option worked perfectly for a project I was working on before upgrading to version 14 and the latest version of Waves central.

All the best.


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