Waves Plug-Ins not working in Live 11

Hi, Absolutely no Waves plug-ins are working with Live 11. Contacted Ableton’s support, posted on Live’s Forum… No answer.

In Live’s preferences, the “rescan” button is grayed out so I cannot rescan my vst plug-ins.

Any ideas ?


MacBook Pro 2018
OSX 10.15.7
Live 11.0

Hi @thierangers,

Welcome to Waves forum,

Which version of Waves Plugins do you own? (V9,V10,V11,V12)
*Note that Waves have not announced official support for Ableton 11 yet, though it should work as far as we know with the latest version of Waves plugins, and might with older ones.

In any case, have you tried following the instructions in the How to Find Your Plugins in Ableton Live article?

I’ve just about had it with the overhead of “maintaining” waves plugins. The latest problem is that, on opening Central (which seems to have to update every time I do that,) I’ve apparently gotten updates of current products that worked minutes ago with Live 11 that no longer work. After looking around, I found some forum stuff that said “repair, organize, fix permissions, reboot, recopy shells, etc.” and I did all that only to find that the shell now exists without the capability of expanding to the plugins. This all comes after having walked away previously due to having been solicited to renew a support program based on my products where my money was used to renew suppport for old products rather than the current one. The waves respondent gave me an argument about why I would want to do that (I didn’t!) rather than re-applying my funds to the current product support. Everything this company does requires too much overhead for those of us who mostly want to produce music rather than sitting around trying to figure out which version of which download has become somehow unlicensed on a current computer even though we paid for the products and finding out that this or that product is no longer supported, eetc. etc. etc. It’s too bad too, because the actual product (Element2) is actually a good product. But my current capacity only allows my to run it standalone rather than in Ableton 11. So I’m coming to the conclusion that, after yet one more day of overhead trying to get stuff to just work (and then I was going to have to figure out their weird preset storage regimen which is clunky) I can no longer afford the overhead. Looking for something else to do that. Maybe the inboard Ableton product.

Mate, I hear you. I do support and kind of was “forced” to update from Waves 12 to 13 for macOS issues (of course) and now on my PC I find Waves 13 is not compatible with Live 11 using VST2 which means a decade of projects are now ■■■$#d.

I have never had so many frustrations with plugins not to mention I absolutely HATE opening the Waves manager to see 1/3 of it a retina burning advert.

Have sworn an oath to never purchase another Waves plugin again, just far too much trouble

While I understand the need for maintenance, I do agree that itv can get pretty brutal. The problem there isn’t usually Waves in my experience, its major changes that Apple have instigated. The odd thing is I also understand Apples reasons for undergoing these changes.

The net effect, though, is you often find yourself in really sucky situations. But if it’s not Waves it will be another developer, and if it’s not them it will be yet another developer.

Perhaps we’re simply not sacrificing enough goats. :thinking::upside_down_face:

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