Waves Plug-Ins not working in Live 11

Hi, Absolutely no Waves plug-ins are working with Live 11. Contacted Ableton’s support, posted on Live’s Forum… No answer.

In Live’s preferences, the “rescan” button is grayed out so I cannot rescan my vst plug-ins.

Any ideas ?


MacBook Pro 2018
OSX 10.15.7
Live 11.0

Hi @thierangers,

Welcome to Waves forum,

Which version of Waves Plugins do you own? (V9,V10,V11,V12)
*Note that Waves have not announced official support for Ableton 11 yet, though it should work as far as we know with the latest version of Waves plugins, and might with older ones.

In any case, have you tried following the instructions in the How to Find Your Plugins in Ableton Live article?

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