V12 no longer work in all DAWs

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Im interesting if any of you also have problems since the newest update. My Central says all is ok, plugins activated and installed on my windows system, but in all DAW’s (Ableton 11 suite, Studion One 5.2 pro, Wavelab Elements 10) i only see two plugins, IR1 and Studio Rack. In Studio Rack all plugins working fine. Update plans i have re-newed and reinstalled everything. No effort, all at the same.

It looks to me that something with Waveshell is not working fine, hope there is a fix soon. Im interesting if others have the same issue. I had this in the past also as i updated from 11-12 but after a re-install all was back to normal. This time no chance to get back.

Windows 10, Ableton 11, Studio one 5.2, Intel I7 3770, RME, Fireface UC, UAD system.

All other plugins working perfect it is only Waves make trouble.

All Software is up to date and actual.

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Hi Martin (@orgonaman) welcome to the Waves Forum :slight_smile:

Sounds like proper VST3 plug-in rescans are needed.

Please follow the steps in these links:

In case the plug-ins are still not loading, I suggest reaching out to our Tech Support team to further assist.

YES, I can confirm, after updating to the latest V12, Studio One 5.2 scans the plug ins but the don´t work.

Working fine in Cubase and my digigrid emotion st mixer!

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Do you found a solution for that? it looks like still not fixed, the wave support told me that my system should work with 12.7 but also after latest update no way. I tryed everything but no chance, when i go back to 12 by offline installer the plugins work. I have payed for update plan so very dissapoinnted that i cant use the newest version.

Totally correct, thanks!!

In Studio One you need to clear vst cache and rescan, after that it worked!!

Didn’t know cause Cubase was working fine…

Hi, thanks for the input, what do you mean with clear cash? reset blacklist? because i have the same issue with Wavelab Elements 10 and Ableton 11!

So reset the black list has not solve the problem in Studio one!

Thank you

Hi @orgonaman

Regarding Ableton, please refer to the instructions at this page, make sure that you are running the latest Waves plugins (V12) with Ableton V12 and using the VST-3 format.

Regarding Wavelab, refer to this page and rescan your plugins.

If you are using a PC system, with a custom VST folder, please refer to this link.

Hope this helps.

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Hi ShayWaves

This steps i tryed and was also forwarded from Waves support, today i received again some updates, now the only plugin i see is Studiorack, in studiorack all plugins work. No chance to bring this plugins to work in any daw, i also have contacted the support a week ago, no answer.

Maybe i should open a new ticked!

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