V12 and Logic auvaltool Scan

After updating to Waves V12, the ‘auvaltool’ runs every single time I launch Logic Pro and has to scan over 500 Waves plug-ins. Also, inside Logic’s Plug-in Manager, all of the Waves plug-ins identify as V11 even though they show as V12 in their individual info windows.

Any help appreciated.

Mac OS 10.13.6
Logic Pro 10.4.8

Hi @higherground,

Sounds like you might have all plug-ins installed in the two versions, which could confuse Logic from scanning properly.

Note that different versions could be installed along-side, just not for the same plug-in.

I suggest running the Version Organizer in Waves Central > Settings (bottom left panel) to organize the folders according to your licenses.

Once done, refer to this link and follow the steps to refresh the Waves Preferences and rescan Logic for plug-ins.

If the issue is not solved, I suggest contacting our Tech Support team to advise further.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Many thanks. That seems to have sorted it.


Thank you so much. This solved my issue right away!!

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Thanks!This was useful… but… I have a related problem that I’m unable to solve with this.
I have installed a 12 version of studio rack. If I run Logic it appears in the plugins manager but it doesn’t show in AU->waves list of plugins. To use StudioRack I have to install both version of the plugin… then, Logic starts scanning every time 6 AU (all 6 instance of StudioRack). Do you guys know how to fix this or have I to write to the support? Thank you!

Hi @ian.anacolutha,

If the version organizer didn’t do the trick, I do suggest contacting our TechSupport team to assist.