Logic scanning Waves plugins at every launch

So I recently bit the bullet and bought an M1 MacBook Pro. Managed to get everything migrated and working, and I’m pretty happy overall.


Every time I launch Logic it scans the plugins folder and reverifies 500+ Waves plugins. Doesn’t seem to be looking at any others.
This only takes a few minutes but it’s kind of annoying. All my Waves stuff is V13. I feel as if there ought to be an easy fix for this… is there?

…yes there is!

Despite the pre v13 plugins not showing up either within Logic’s plugin manager, or even being visible on the hard disk, they were on there somewhere.

I used Waves Central to delete all pre 13 plugins (even though I didn’t think I had any and BOOM! things started working.

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Good to know there’s a solution for this. Sometimes it helps to run a Repair via Central and/or delete Logic’s AudioUnit cache as well. You can do the later via the Plugin Manager which was introduced in 10.7.

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