Logic Pro Scanning V15 Plugins on every application start

Anyone else experiencing this since upgrading to V15? I’ve uninstalled all other versions via Waves Central as you expect to be told. I have the Creative Access Subscription. Still does it on every Logic Pro launch. I was on the phone with Waves Tech support and the guy quit our TeamViewer session and wouldn’t say anything else on the phone while he was “troubleshooting” my issue, so I figured I’d try here since I was basically forced to hang up and start over. They never answered the phone again after several retries by the way. Maybe I can get some help from the community since the weekend tech support staff at waves obviously needs some recalibration. I’d really like to not have to have these scan every time

Hi @randyhood,

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The behavior you describe might be caused by having leftovers from previous versions installed on your computer.

I suggest to Contact Technical Support and let them do the work for you or they can provide detailed step-by-step instructions.

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