V12.7 Appreciation!

I’m not sure which forum this is most appropriate to post in, but I wanted to send praise and appreciation for the 12.7 update.

I can’t believe how good the SSL plugins look, and the updated Waves Tune Realtime as well. They are perfect, and as a Waves fan it makes me incredibly happy to know you guys are doing HiDPI versions of existing classics!

Also, THANKS for updating as you go instead of waiting until they are all done!

For anyone on the fence about the update plan – this is more value added. I would never have guessed it makes this much difference, but the HiDPI versions are somehow more fun to use. They just look amazing, so every interaction feels more playful and “real.”

Well done, Waves! I look forward to exploring the preset improvements as well.

UPDATE: Whoa! I just noticed variation in the round LEDs on the SSLGChannel! It’s not the exact same piece of art duplicated repeatedly. What an excellent attention to detail. Please send some praise to your UI team. It’s so crisp and real looking I feel like I could touch my screen!


Does VST3 waves work in LIVE OSX for anyone. I upgraded , now it doesn’t work

Yes, +1 on SSL plugins GUI!

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I’m sure everyone is hoping their favorite Waves plugins are next in line for the 4k treatment.

For me – it’s Scheps Omni Channel that I’m crossing my fingers for. Given the nature of the design it won’t be as time consuming as some of the more graphically rich plugins (J37 as one example).

That’s the dream, for me: 4k Omni Channel! I can’t wait to see what they go HiDPI with next.

Wow - I just noticed the MixCentric series of plugins also have the added option of no analog noise. Excellent. I know Greg Wells preferred to keep the noise on — but it’s really nice for the user to have a choice.

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