HiDPI request: H-Reverb and Waves Tune

I’m loving the new V14 HiDPI updates SO much that I’m already excited about what they may choose to update next. I’d like to nominate H-Reverb & Waves Tune for HiDPI updates!

H-Reverb has a fairly complex UI once fully expanded, so it would benefit from the high resolution update. For anyone who has never gone deep with it, it’s an outstanding reverb that even includes built in ducking — so you can set it to reduce the level of the reverb as the vocal is playing and bring it up when the vocal stops!

Waves Tune is probably the #1 most important Waves plugin that needs updating. The tech is still good. Functionally, it works, but the UI is REALLY outdated at this point… And it’s actually difficult to use without a larger-more-zoomed-out window. TBH it would probably make sense for Waves to offer a whole new Tune product — but even a HiDPI update would be appreciated.

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Hi @JunkyardSam

I can say our team working on making more of the plugins with HiDPI support for the future.
I don’t have specific information regarding the Wave Tune, but I know that our team working hard to get as many plugins with HiDPI.

Have a great day.

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The API plugs look amazing now!

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That’s great to hear, Shay – and @mattrixx , you’re right, the API plugins are absolutely beautiful now, and I just used them on most tracks in a full mix and I’ve come to adore them.

One of my favorite features of the API plugins is the stepped EQ settings of 550a & 550b. It makes dialing in an EQ really fast thanks to the coarse 2db increments. You simply dial up or down one step too far and then go back.

Some have criticized that for being too coarse, but if you EQ before going into the API-2500 compressor, it has a way of tightening the sound back together so that it doesn’t get too pokey.

Another pro tip for people who don’t like the stacked knobs — the EQ numbers are clickable!

Also, the API-2500 is a bit intimidating at first glance — but with the HiDPI it’s much easier on the eyes. With that in mind, it’s easier to look at for longer to figure out what it’s actually doing.

I love the ability to shape the knee in the 2500. Another favorite compressor… And the “filter” switch on the 550a which rolls off the lows and highs — that’s brilliantly useful and FAST!

Sometimes I want to hug the Waves UI artist and say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” followed by “More, please!” =)

I should mention the AR TG Mastering Chain, too… Another favorite. It lives on every mix. I always liked the look, but it’s beautiful now in its 4k glory!