Waves V14 is great!

I’m really happy with the Waves V14 release. I guess the truth is a lot of what we wish for is common, but it does feel like they hear our requests here… The mix & trim knobs, for example!

But also the plugins they chose to update to HiDPI… Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain & F6 are two of my most used plugins, and they look wonderful in high-res! But also OVox, Puigtec EQs, CLA compressors, and the APIs got a facelift too!

It really does make all of these more enjoyable on 4k monitors.

And finally – people don’t talk about the bugfixes much, but the stability & reliability of Waves plugins is why a lot of us choose to rely on them… And they just got better.

Anyhow, I’m really happy with the update and the discounted WUP plan is a good deal for anyone heavily invested in Waves. Eventually all the Waves plugins will be HiDPI and I really look forward to that.

Congratulations, Waves team, on another great release.