More HiDPI updates

The updated UI’s for the SSL bundle look good and are much easier to work with as a consequence, especially when combined with the scaling options. Please can you confirm your intention to roll this out to the rest of your products soon?


I don’t work for Waves so I cannot tell you. It is a sign though, that they are on the way. Waves Tune RT also got the makeover.

It pays to consider that they are also contending with updates for Mac M1 compatibilities as well as finishing any new plugins they were working on since before the Apple announcement. It takes time, money and most people aren’t willing to pay a WUP to cover the maintenance costs.


I re-upped my WUP after the incredible HiDPI update so hopefully my “vote with my dollars” is me doing my part!

I’m actually surprised that HiDPI made me enjoy the same plugins I already had so much more. Sure, it’s the same sound — but the actual enjoyment from interacting with the product is so much better!

I never used the SSL Channels that much before, but now I use them all the time. I’m eagerly awaiting the next surprise!

I do wish Waves would publish a roadmap, though, so we can know what to look forward to, specifically, for the future.


These are my feelings exactly!


It’s sometimes the the littlest things that makes us want to rediscover the plugins we already own. Whether it be watching a pro use something old in a new context or a new way, or whether it be something as simple as a UI change that makes us what to crack it open, savour that “factory fresh” smell and fas in love with it again.

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