Using Waves Tune for long vocal note (5 seconds)?

I’ve got a song that has a long high C vocal note that lasts about 5 seconds. It warbles just slightly in a couple of spots and I used Tune to straighten the note out. Unfortunately it’s not working very well.

Can anyone give me advice as to have “Tune” grab the note and hold it properly? I’ve scanned it and drug the line across the note (A major), but not much luck.

Thanks in advance.

To be honest, I don’t know really know how to make it stick, I do have another option though.

It’s not actually natural for a voice to be hanging onto a note perfectly, especially for that long. I can’t pretend to know the exact details of your situation, but it is something most people seem to overlook. Instead of trying to eliminate the human element, maybe you should add a little more. Add a little vibrato, automate it to taste. That way its possible that your issue may actually become part of its strength.

Unless of course its actually tuning to another unwanted note. In which case try eliminating it from selected scale. If thats a problem, try automating it so it only changes temporarily.

Oh wait, hang on… Is this Waves Tune or Waves Tune RT. Because I don’t think you can automate the former.

Thanks for the input… It’s “Waves Tune.”

Yeah I’m not so sure the automation thing would work in that case, but the rest of what I said might be helpful.

I didn’t mean to belittle your advice at all. I think it’s very valid… Having said that, is there a way to choose a small portion of the note to tune?

To be honest I’m not entirely sure how it works. But I do understand that if you are to make any edits to the underlying audio after applying Waves Tune, then you basically have to do it all again.

If you however, copy a portion of it to a different track you might be able to isolate parts that way. Not the ideal solution, but perhaps you can take advantage of it and put other parts on the same track and do something creative with them?!?

Just an idea.