Harmony Vocal presets

I just purchased Waves Harmony. Are there any presets that lean toward 60s/70s styles, Beatles, Eagles etc. The preset list is massive and most sound “modern”. Thanx

The trouble is ti get those sounds you have to do it old school. It’s the sound of the different voices all going at it, slightly out of time with each other, slightly out of tune. That’s how they got that sound.

Unfortunately, digital copies all retimed and repitched won’t be able to reproduce that. Well, not unless AI comes into the picture and is able to substitute in real enough sounding voices.

Thanx for responding. I have learned over the last few days that one can raise or lower the pitch of a harmony slightly and add a tiny amount of delay to get closer to a less than perfect sound. What I’m still struggling with are the harmonies not “logical”. For example, key of D major, source vocal goes middle G- F#-E over G-D-A chords. What I would expect is a 3rd higher, B-A-A. Waves harmony is B-B-G ? Bizarre….

Yes there are ways you can detune and shift the timing is its a little looser to get closer to the desired effect as you discovered. It’s not perfect, but gets you closer.

There are are many choices for harmonies, If you look in the top section there is two lists one for Chords, the other for Harmonies. Haver a look at some of the voicing in the latter, something there might be one better suited for the style. If that doesn’t work for you, or if you find something close, the harmonies can be edited further I’m pretty sure. I’m just not sure how that bit would work, but it’s probably in the manual.

I have started using my midi controller to compose harmonies. Pretty cool.:+1: I would like to use some of the presets as some are voiced differently than harmonies I would come up with, however, most have notes that need to be eliminated or changed.I keep seeing videos that say presets can be tweaked “later”, but as of yet, I haven’t seen how.

Yes it should be possible. The Edit button in theory should allow you to make changes, I just haven’t delved that far into it to figure it out yet.

Well, if you ever do or see a link that does, I’d appreciate letting me in on it. Thanx

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Absolutely. Have you tied checking out Waves’ own videos?? I haven’t quite got there yet.