Waves Real-time auto tune issue

Hello everyone

Just bought waves real time auto tune, and there’s a massive issue with it that makes it practically unusable. It’s really odd and I can’t find anything only pertaining to this issue, so I just thought I’d ask here. When I talk into the microphone, the auto tune isn’t applied, but the plugin is showing that it can hear he audio. However, when I sing really high pitched, only then is the auto tune applied. I’m talking like 2 octaves higher than my usual singing/rapping voice. It’s as if my voice is so deep it’s unrecognisable, even though I have a fairly normal pitched voice. Any help would be appreciated, as I am making a album and need a auto tune for it.



Have you selected the appropriate Range. You can either Start with Generic, or for Males Try Tenor or Baritone and for Female try the Tenor or Alto.

Nothing thing to loom at is the Reference, which should be 440 for conventional tuning or check to see whether you are applying any custom scales where only the high notes have been selected. :thinking:


Hey @jammy969!
What host application are you loading Tune in?
What Operating system?

Feel free to contact Tech support who can assist if you do have a supported host and system

i have exactly the same problem as you and I couldn’t get rid of it yet. Any help?

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If i have ableton live 10 and windows 10?
i have this problem in different pc’s
what should i do?

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Hi @pjco90 and welcome to the forum!

Ableton Live 10 and Windows 10 re both supported with V12 plugins, such as Waves Tune Real Time.

Pleas check out this tutorial: https://www.waves.com/plugins/waves-tune-real-time#waves-tune-real-time-plugin-tutorial
If it does not help identify where the issue is, please contact Tech support who can assist with this,

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Same problem here… windows 10 ableton live suite 11… its everything ok but just start to process sound when I start to sing or talk like kate bush or a squirrel of that moovie where squirrels talk etc. in the tutorials this problem isnt listed. what can i do?

Hey @YishaiWaves, it almost sounds as if Tune RT is running at a different sample rate to the DAW.

Have you any solutions regarding that?!? Perhaps its Live and Windows specific?!?

Hi Everyone,

Checking this with our Tech Support, they are not aware of such issues.

We suggest anyone experiencing this while running with an Officially Supported DAW version, to reach out to our Tech Support team, so they could assist in troubleshooting the issue.

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I ran into this when I was using a non supported sample rate with the plug-in. Make sure you are running up to 96kHz. higher than that and it will mess up the audio.

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I’m having the same issue. Auto tune not playing but shows like it is.

Thaaankssssss, now I have to buy a new audio interface tho. Mine only works on 192khz ;(

Oh yeah, i just tried use the 96khz and it’s now working fine, thank u