Wave Tunes extending notes?


I’m quite old but a baby starting in Daw.
I do not speak English at all and I am not sure I am in the right place to ask my question.
Here, after looking in the english manual and video tutorial and a tutorial in Spanish (not found a useful tuto in French), there is a possibility of correction that I do not find.

This is the extension of a note (for example to fill a hole between two identical notes). I would like to know if it is possible with Wavestunes and if so, how? Thank you for any positive response or not.

Hi @AndresBla,

Note that the tuning adjustment can only be applied to actual audio notes that are scanned.
Waves Tune itself cannot create new audio notes which are not existing in the audio source.

If you can fill in the gap with an audio note that has similar sonic characters as the original, Waves Tune could then adjust the note if needed.

Hi @OmryWaves,
First of all, thank you very much for your response.
I may have misplaced my question and/or my drawing may be confusing. So I’m rephrasing my question.
Can I extend an existing note (see No. 1 in my drawing). The binding (collage) with another note of the same height being optional (See No. 2 of my drawing).

I suppose the answer will be no but at least the question can be closed definitively

Hi @AndresBla,

Waves Tune can only correct actual notes that were scanned by the plug-in.
It can’t create new notes in empty places.


Hi @OmryWaves,
Thank you again for your answers.
Too bad not being able to extend an existing note :smile: but I take good note of it.

Hey @OmryWaves ,

Would be a great feature though…
No pitch detection scan is perfect, often with raspy singing, waves tune interprets the “rasp” as a fundamental which messes up the whole point of pitch correction. In that cases it would be more than useful to have a drawing tool of some kind, that let’s you draw lines and plays back a reference tone whilst holding the manually drawn line to adjust it to the actual sung frequency by ear :slight_smile:

I’d be more than happy to buy an upgraded license with that feature implemented!

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