Re-humanize vocals

Its possible to re-humanize vocals that are too heavily autotuned with waves tune graph mode by drawing a more natural note transition but it would be really cool if waves tune real time could do it automatically and in real time.

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Generally not. Pitch Correction is a destructive process. Once it’s applied and the changes rendered to the audio it destroys the original information.

That’s why I prefer to use Track Freeze, because that’s a reversible process. Though it doesn’t help if you’re being supplied with something that is already heavily tuned.

You can try to introduce a little vibrato, defund a few notes slightly, that will help a little, but won’t mask anything that is upfront and obvious. :thinking:

I think you misunderstood what I wrote. I have already ”fixed” hard tuned vocals with waves tune I just wish it could be done with waves tune real time istead of graphically fixing it with waves tune.

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Yes but not Real Time, Tune has a section on the right to introduce vibrato, you can design exactly how you want it to end and start, the frequency (is a lfo) the ramp and the amplitude, it save me a lot of time with amateur singers with bad vibrato practices.

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Oh right. Well in my defence I am a little dyslexic. I do tend to periodically “misread” things unfortunately.

Yeah RT was made to be a quick on the spot tool that you could potentially use live. WavesTune, itself, is where the details are. I only wished they upgraded the UI.

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I tried it yesterday and the bigger GUI is far better, especially with 2 screens!

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You don’t find the blurry UI and issue??

Yes but it’s still acceptable in full HD, haven’t tried 4k :+1:

Right. I’m on an iMac 27… so I see EVERYTHING. :rofl:

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