USB Stick listed twice in Waves Central

Dear Waves-Forum-Members

I have a strange problem and I have already written to customer service about it. But since I didn’t get an answer - (not even an email that my request was received) - I hope I can find help here.

I’ve been having problems since moving my licenses to a USB stick a few weeks ago. At first everything worked. But when I wanted to produce again a few days later, Ableton suddenly couldn’t open the plugins anymore.

In Waves Central I saw that my USB stick is now listed twice.

Once under “Disconnected Devices” with all my plug-ins. Below the Name of the Stick is a 10-digit ID number.

A second time under “Connected Devices” without plug-ins and with a completely different ID number. Strangely, this ID number changes every time I plug the stick into a different slot or computer.

Last week I thought the problem was solved because the stick was suddenly recognized again. I then moved all the licenses to the cloud and formatted the stick from “Fat32” to “exFat” because I thought the problem might have something to do with it.

The stick then worked again for a short time.

Since yesterday, unfortunately, Waves Central can`t recognized the USB stick and the licenses again. Just like before.

In this forum I read that someone else had this problem 2 years ago. Unfortunately, there is no solution described in the article.

I hope you can help me.

Warm greetings