USB drive shows as disconnected AND connected device

My thumb drive contains 2 Waves licenses. I just bought an additional 2 licenses and activated them to the same thumb drive. When I launch Pro Tools, I get a message that the 2 new licences could not be found. When I opened Waves Central with the thumb drive plugged in, the thumb drive shows up as ‘connected devices’ and ‘disconnected devices’ simultaneously (with different numbers below the thumb drive name). The new plugs show up on the ‘connected devices’ tab, and the other 2 plugs show up on the 'disconnected devices tab. I can freely move the new licenses (‘connected’ tab) on and off of the thumb drive, but the other two (‘disconnected’ tab) I can not move.

Waves Central v11.0.58
v9.3 Plugins

Hi @drpat

Disconnected devices in Waves Central, refers to other computers or USB Drive with the licenses.

Sounds like the licenses are activated to a different USB Drive with a different ID.
You can also move the licenses from one device to the other using the Move Licenses page.

If that’s not the case, I suggest contacting the Support Team to assist.

I guess I should have been more clear on my original post, that I completely understand what ‘disconnected devices’ are, and I completely understand how to move licences from one device to the other using the instructions on the Move Licenses page. This is not the issue at all, and there certainly is no different USB drive in play here.

Once again, when (and only when) I plug in the thumb drive, it erroneously shows up as a ‘connected device(s)’ AND a ‘disconnected device(s)’ at the same time. When I eject the USB drive both the ‘connected’ and ‘disconnected’ USB icons disappear at the same time. It’s as if ‘Waves Central’ partitioned my USB drive and refuses to recognize one of it’s own partitions. Once again, the USB drive name is the same, with a different ID below the name.

Also, once again, as expected, I cannot move my previously existing licenses that are showing up in the ‘disconnected devices’, but I am able to freely move licenses back-and-forth between the cloud and the ‘connected devices’ partition.

Funny thing is, the plugins that are showing up on the ‘disconnected devices’ ‘partition’ are the only ones that load when I launch Pro Tools.

I started having the same issue on my internal HD this week. Hopefully there’s a fix.

Hi @drpat

It does sound odd, I suggest you contact our Tech Support dept. to get to bottom of it.

And Hello to you too @jacob-frazier,
Since the issue you are experiencing is with your Internal hard drive, you might find a solution in the Computer Appears as Disconnected Device in Waves Central article.

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20 months later I have a similar problem.
The problem for me is that using the same laptop, but using a different router wifi, the waves licences system thinks that you are using a different laptop.
This is the GREATEST limitation that I found with waves plugins so you should have multiple versions of the same plugin, one for every router wifi you are using…


Hi @leosoft, welcome to the Waves community forum.

Waves Central recognizes the licenses by the network adapter (MAC address), in some cases when changing the network the licenses can get disconnected.

If there is a way for you to revert back to the old router, and then move your licenses back to the cloud.
Once done, connect the new router, and only after activating the licenses again.

Alternatively, in order to bypass the network activation process, you can move the licenses to a USB thumb drive.
In order to move your licenses between devices (or back to the cloud) please refer to the Move Licenses article.

Note: if you can not connect the old router to the network anymore, or if the issue persists, feel welcome to contact our Tech Support, they will be glad to assist.

I hope this information will help.

Have a great day. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello. Thank’s for your reply.

I understood what do you say but I figure out that in my case there is NOT a solution without connecting with one router, move licences then connecting with another router and so on. The problem is that one router is at my home and the other is my smartphone that I use out of my house so if I forget to move licences at home, when I am for example at work, I can’t move licences or use your plugins.

-. Using instead an external device only for waves plugins with a modern light and thin laptop isn’t the solution for me (install, uninstall, possibile loss and/or damage to the device or the laptop itself).

I don’t understand why I can use for example, an external HD with my laptop and other routers, but I cannot use the internal HD of the same laptop.

I had to use the plugins with my DAW on my laptop without warrying which router I connected to and if I have or not external HD and or a usbpen connected.

I’m sorry because I like your plugins and I’m an hobbyist (I don’t earn money with that so my budget is very limited) but this being the case I will use owned plugins only for my old projects and you will have lost another customer.

Best regards