My USB stick Recognized as different USB between OS

Hi everyone,
Do anyone encounter same problem before?
I’m using Sandisk Ultra Dual Drive USB Type-C 32GB
When switching between MacOS 10.14.5 and Windows 10
In Waves Central, the name of My USB remain the same but the ID below the USB name are not the same.
If I authorized the license under MacOS, when I switched to Windows, It tells that the license is in another USB flash drive.
Do anyone fixed this problem before?

Hi @a7564851,

This is specific to SanDisk Ultra and will be fixed with the next Waves Central update.

Until then, I suggest following the steps in this link to move the licenses to a different USB Flash Drive.

I also went into another problem is while I’m using this USB stick as license in MacOS,
It won’t start any plugin if I stored the license inside the USB.
But it work normally if I stored the license right into the computer dirve.

Hi @a7564851

I suggest trying with a different FAT32 USB Flash Drive and if the behavior is the same, please reach-out Tech Support to assist.

Just updated my Waves Central but my USB still acting the same.

Hi @a7564851,

I suggest contacting our beloved Tech Support to figure out what’s causing this.

I’m having very similar problems. I’m more convinced now that it’s the Waves Central update that caused the problem. My USB drive worked perfectly until I updated Waves Central.

I can’t move my licenses to the cloud because Waves won’t recognize my USB drive. Based on your email and others I got today I think tech support should fix the issue now, not at some later time.

This issue has been fixed in Waves Central Version 11.0.58.
Please launch Central, let it auto-update and try again.