Help with licenses on USB


I started having troubles with my licenses not being found on the USB drive, and I moved them all to a new usb stick by moving them to the cloud first, then onto a new USB drive. Fine. But now, a little later, they aren’t found again. I see my USB disk as a connected device fine, but for some reason it keeps reporting that my ‘USB M drive’ where the licenses are, is a disconnected device.

Then, however, if I take the USB disk out, and plug it in again. at some point the licenses are fine there, and the ‘disconnected’ M drive vanishes, and everything works.

When I launch Cubase for instance, sometimes it suffices to just take out the USB drive, and plug in again a few times, and it goes on OK, sometimes I have to launch Waves Central and THEN take out the USB drive a couple of times…and now I’ve been doing it a dozen times and reinstalled Waves Central and a big NOPE it just won’t work, the licenses are still on the mysterious missing M drive.

What can I do? I can try to recover the licenses, but it says I can do it once a year only.

Update: after half a dozen times of re-inserting the USB stick, it suddenly worked once again.
I moved all the licenses to C: drive for now, but I’d like to be able to keep them on an USB stick instead. But is it possible without similar problems?

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Hi @aepheikki and welcome to Waves Forum :slight_smile:

If you wish to have the licenses activated on an external USB device, it is best that you use a very simple, FAT32 formatted dongle. Make sure you’re using a simple flash drive and avoid using external hard drives (and SSD drives in particular).

Also make sure that the drive is connected directly to the computer via its native USB ports and not via USB HUB of any sort, when activating the licenses.

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Thanks…I think the USB hub is the culprit then. I have everything on usb hubs as my machine is in a different room than keyboard monitor and all.

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