Can't activate products

I’ve been storing my Waves licenses on a USB drive as suggested. I load the drive into whichever computer i’m using and everything’s good…until tonight. I was working on a project and wanted to use the Cla 2A compressor. But I couldn’t find it in my fx list. So I looked at another project which had that compressor in it and I saw it on a track. So thinking I must have missed it when I looked the first time I looked again in the fx list but it wasn’t there. So I opened Waves Central. All my products were there and installed but not activated. The was an “Updates Available” notice so I clicked on it. After it was done updating and reinstalling my products, they still showed as Not Activated. My computer sees the drive(F) but Waves Central sees it as a Disconnected drive. The USB drive shows the Waves folder with my licenses in it. When I looked again in my fx list I now see all my Waves products but when i choose to load one it shuts Reaper down. I can’t move my products to the cloud because Waves doesn’t see my USB drive as connected.
Has anyone experienced anything like this or have a solution?

I also had a problem with licenses on an external drive and all of a sudden they’re being listed on a “disconnected drive”. Despite the fact its still connected and I haven’t changed its name.

I contacted Waves Tech Support, I also encourage you to do the same. The more people report these issues the sooner they will be made aware of it and the quicker it will get addressed.

The short terms solution is you can always “rescue” your licenses, but unless you have a valid WUP you can only do that once a year. Which may leave you shorthanded when off another problem occurs. What’s to say this wouldn’t happen again?!?

How did you resolve your issue?

Hi Don,

Thanks for posting this issue.

I believe you encounter a local issue on your system that may be related to a bug with the previous Waves License Engine. The bug was fixed 2 days ago with the update of Waves Central v 11.0.58.

Please follow this:

  1. Launch Waves Central - it will auto-update itself.
  2. Log -into Central using your Waves account info
  3. Click on the Updates button at the top of Central
  4. Click Update and proceed to install WavesLicenseEngine

If this is not solving the issue, please Contact Waves support
or call us at +1 865 909 9200 ext. 1

Ok so i must reply. I was contacted by tech support with some directions. However they didn’t fix the issue. They also provided a phone number so i called it. The person on the other end fixed the problem. I haven’t used it completely as i normally would but the USB drive is now recognized and appears to be working correctly.
Kudos to tech support for quick action and fixing an issue.

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