Disconnected licenses, same hard drive?

Hi there,

I’m having some trouble with my V-series and SSL 4000 plugin collections. They previously worked fine, but I noticed a day or two ago that I got a “no license” warning, then I looked in the Waves central app and it says they are activated on a different hard drive (the number identifier was different, but same name). I have not changed hard drives since installing the plugins. Why do they show up as not having licenses on this HD if I never changed drives or transferred the plugins?



I’ve had a similar problem to this in the past. Personally I thought Waves had actually fix the problem a little while back. I’m pretty sure it’s that different number identifier screwing you up.

Have you updated Central to its latest version??

Outside that it would probably be a good move to log this issue with their technical support team, the link is at the bottom.


Hi Jacob,

Central locates Waves licenses and recognizes computers by their Network Interface Card’s (NIC) MAC address. In other words, the licenses are not activated to a specific hard drive. Unless they were initially activated on an external USB device, and then they are registered to the ID of the device.

If the licenses in Waves Central appear under Licenses > Disconnected devices list - try following the steps in this article.

Did you install a new Wifi Pcie Card? That’s what happened to me when I bought this TP Link Wifi Pcie Card. When I had that type of Issues, all I had to do was disable the Wifi, plug in an Enternet cable to my Computer, Move the license to cloud, and then when on Wifi, send them back to my PC.

Hopefully this gives some sort of help.

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What can happen, too, is Windows or some other app can modify the network settings. One of the most common changes sets the modem/router to behave as the computer”s NIC/MAC number or maybe the ID number once was originally setup as the computer’s but has since been assigned the modem number. Either way it can pose an issue for licensing software.

To see if this the issue you can always check your network settings and change them accordingly to see if the problem goes away. Unfortunately I can’t help much with the specifics as I’m a Mac dude.