Upgrading to higher tier, rather than waves upgrade

I just had a question, if I have the gold bundle which is 9.2, and 3 of the 4 SSL Plugins will upgrading to the Diamond pack and the full SSL 4000 bundle ($26) give me the newest version of those plugins that would work with the newest Waves Central and allow my Pro Tools to recognize it? They currently are not being recognized with my 9.2 plugins.

I would LOVE to make this purchase today if possible.

Yes it will. I’ve upgraded (and consolidated) my bundles over the years, and you get the latest version and a year of WUP.

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thank you scott. i was trying to go back and forth and see if it made sense to do the upgrade, get the voucher then jump to diamond but im just gonna go ahead and grab the diamond in one jump.

Be sure to checkbox every plugin/bundle you have when looking at the upgrades. You can consolidate single plugin purchases into a bundle upgrade, and it will help knock down the cost of the upgrade.

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Yeah i log into the upgrade section and do the checks and it spits a price out at me rather than just selecting diamond.

Upgrading works well till you can go no higher.

Mercury + Studio Classics you’ll max out I think?

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That is correct.
Just always make sure your systems and DAWS are compatible with the version of software you are installing.

I’ve seen quite a few users opt to take this route, myself included. It makes more sense as you get more out of your investment than you would with WUP.

WUP does still have its advantages though. Like if you have singles that can be found in any one bundle that isn’t a price one.

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Speaking of which, they have some really awesome upgrade offers going at the moment. Definitely worth a consideration.