Installation and upgrade of ancient Renn bundle

Hello. Way back in the mid-00’s, I purchased a Rennaissance Maxx bundle (its v5.0 and my update plan expired in '07). I used it for a long time, then life happened & I stopped recording music. Now, I’m in a place in my life where I have the time and space to set up a small studio, and I’d like to get my Renn bundle back & upgrade it to the most recent version. When I purchased it, it came on CDs, which I fear are long gone. If I pay the update plan price, will I be able to download the latest version, or is my original product too old?


EDIT: I found the CDs, but they will only work with Windows 2000 or XP, so I’m unable to install from the discs. Also, the PC I originally authorized this product on is also long gone, so I have no access to any devices currently associated with my Waves account. Will this be an issue?

Hi @khchristian,

If you wish to use Waves V5 licenses you will be required to update those licenses to the most recent ones (V14).

To do that, please visit your Waves account on> Go to My Products > Click on Renew Coverage.

if you require any assistance with upgrading or updating feel free to Contact Technical Support.

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Waves does have WUP (Waves Upgrade Plan) to help you bing your plugins up to date, that’s what Renew Coverage essentially does.

Waves also tend to offer 25% off WUP discounts periodically. They had one not long ago, so unfortunately you may have to wait a while for the next one.

The other way of going about this is possibly taking advantage of sales price and upgrading to a bigger bundle that contains the Renaissance plugins. Not only will you get up to date license for those plugins, but you’ll also get other plugins that you might probably find useful.

Thanks all; I’m back up & running!

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