Cannot find bundle/custom upgrade options

According to the announcement the previous licensing options should be restored, but I cannot find the page where upgrades to bundles or into bundles were offered.
Is there an ETA of when it is going to be back?

Also will the personal daily offers be back as well?


I searched for the same page, does anyone know the answer?

Hi Guys, :wave:

It is worth trying our Sales department directly for any upgrade purchase inquiry, they will be able to provide assistance and information for anything related to the subject.

Mh, I understand. Yet is going to be a bit tedious to ask “every time” for a specific kind of upgrade. The previous upgrade page was a good way to extend an existing set of plugins. Looking forward for its return. Are there any plans to do so?

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Hi @Gsus42,

Upgrades and updates by renewing the Waves Update Plan are back as before Waves Creative Access no need to contact Sales for those, you can try the next link to renew your WUP or upgrade your existing bundles.

What I actually meant was upgrading from a set of owned plugins to a bundle, or from a bundle to a larger one, such as e.g. from Diamond to Horizon. IMHO this is currently not possible.

These options to upgrade existing products to a bundle or to bigger bundles should be available soon.


Thanks for the clarification! :+1:

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Those are good news, thank’s! :ok_hand:

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So, a month later, is there any news on this topic?


Yes, Upgrades for perpetual (non-subscription) plugins and bundles will return soon, we are on it.
This is also mentioned on our site.

That press release was from March 26, 2023 (2 months ago). Can we get some clarification on the definition of soon in this context? My update plan is expiring in about a month, and I’d happily explore upgrading my bundle and plugin collection instead of just renewing my update plan.

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