Trojan:Script/Oneeva.A!ml in samples files

Bass Fingers has suddenly stopped working: I get an error saying the instrument is unable to load the samples library. After downloading and attempting to re-install the samples libraries, I discovered that Microsoft Defender anti-virus identifies and quarantines a trojan in the samples that it calls “Script/Oneeva.A!ml.”

The only way I can get Bass Fingers working again is to completely shut down Microsoft Defender. Any suggestions? Thanks.

REAPER v6.31/x64
Windows 10 Home v2004 OS build 19041.1052

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Same here. Won’t use the plugin until reading what Waves have to say about it

Waves tech support told me that they’re investigating the issue.

I like Bass Fingers too much to ditch it now, but it did prompt me to start shopping for alternatives.

The solution that’s working for me (so far) is to completely turn off Windows Security AKA Microsoft Defender, redownload and install the Bass Fingers samples (it seems the SD version is the one that’s causing the issue), then re-enable Windows Security and mark the install folder as exempt from anti-virus scans.

I recall a similar issue with Bass Fingers and Norton AV several years ago.

Hi All,

We are still investigating this behavior to provide a solution.

I suggest contacting our Support team to advise further and collect relevant information per your exact systems.


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