I cant used plugins in FL studio(version 20.8.4)

hi, i bought 3 plugins at few days ago, (Bass Fingers V13.0.0, Smack Attack V13.0.0 and Torque V13.0.0) but when i open they, i got many different problems, for exsample :
1----The plugin Bass Fingers is missing. Please make sure it was installed correctly.(Smack Attack and Torque also)
2----There was a problem opening the plugin WaveShell1-VST3 13.0_x64 for an unknown reason. Please make sure it was installed correctly. but when i finish FL studio scanning i saw one file erro that is ‘‘WaveShell2-VTS3 13.0_x64’’.
3----The Fruity Wrapper plugin has caused a critical error while loading its state.
It is strongly advised to close the application and restart it, without trying to save your project.
You will find a backup history of your projects in the Backup folder in the browser.
Please contact your plugin’s manufacturer about this problem.
4----The FL studio just shotdown

i already chick my plugins license , that it work, and also reset waves central two times
,and i tried many ways, it’s same, i really want to use that plugins, so,help please~~~~~~~

Try repairing the C++ Redistributable files, that might fix your issue. Check out this thread.

I don’t know what happens to cause this issue, perhaps its caused by a DAW or Windows update, but this usually fixes the problem for those experiencing similar issues.

‘‘move your fl studio and waves FILES to the same folder. like if you downloaded fl to your hard drive make sure the waves pluggin is in there too’’-------- :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up: what files i need put they together?all files or just plugins files, or the other files. I have a plugins files,including other plugins,but only Waves plugins i cant use, so, can you tell me more detail about this step thanks.
Because before i ask, i already reinstalling Waves Central and repair 2012,2013,2015-2019 Redistributables two times.

Make sure you don’t move the Waves plugins from their default install location as moving them around is likely to break things.

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