Trojan virus from Bass Fingers

I just loaded Bass Fingers into Ableton Live 10 and Windows Defender immediately scanned a trojan virus in the VSTplugins/Waves Sample Libraries/Bass Fingers SD/ folder.

Screenshot from Windows Defender

I removed the virus and deleted the folders and uninstalled the Bass Fingers plugin. I’m now asking how should I proceed? Is it safe to just install it again?


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Same here.

I submitted a help ticket to Waves yesterday. In the mean time, the only way I could get Bass Fingers working again is to shut down Microsoft Defender completely.

Do you guys think that this is a “false read”. I mean it’s not likely that Waves would put a Trojan in their own plugins.

The only other possibility is somewhere there were hacked and someone installed a Trojan. But really, wouldn’t you choose from one or their top selling plugins if you were going to do this?!? So this option doesn’t make sense to me.

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