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I’ve just started using StudioRack. Is there a comprehensive list of which plug-ins are used in all of the included presets? I’m missing many and am thinking about filling in those gaps.

Hi @davidfell

We do not have any official list like that.
Though, each preset that you open within StudioRack, will show the Unavailable plugins that are inserted to it as well.
That way you can see which are the exact plugins that you need in order to use the specific preset you choose.

This may just be one of those things where it helps to own the lot!! :upside_down_face:

Given that is not a reality for most of us my thought is to check out what bundles are your best option to upgrade to. Once you figure that out you can compare the list(s) of plugins in the bundle against any preset that might interest you. If you have your DAW and your browser side by side as you do this, that might be even more helpful.

Safe to say anything Abbey Road is probably just available in that bundle. It used to be that the original SSL channel strips were only available in Studio Classics, but that may not be the case anymore. Also if you look up an individual plugin it will tell you what bundles you can find it in towards the bottom of the page. :thinking:

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Thanks Urib; I was aware I could do that, I was just hoping there was a list to streamline the process. Thank you again.

Thanks. I have a couple of bundles (including Abbey Road) and a handful of individual purchases. It’s just frustrating to see all these presets I can’t really hear. I’m kind of a novice at things like compression, so even just studying presets made by more experienced folks can be useful.

Hi @davidfell :slight_smile:
You probably noticed that unavailable plug-ins appear as slanted in the rack.
I recommend setting up a 7-day fully functional demo for the relevant plug-ins so you can further evaluate that preset.

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