StudioRack 11 and old Pro Tools sessions

I’ve tried searching as much as I can for an answer here, but I’m not seeing anything.

When I upgrade to StudioRack 11, what will happen to my old sessions that were using StudioRack 9?

Will they open? Will they break? Will the chains just be missing and I have to rebuild them by memory/ear? Any way to transfer these into the new version?

Unfortunately, I have to say that if the answer is no, then it’s going to be very hard to ever justify the update, which will lock me into v10 plugins forever :frowning:

Mine worked and moved to the new interface. Should be all good, so long as you have all the plugs updated.

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Yep, you’re right! Would be nice if that were mentioned anywhere in the docs, but now it’s here on the forum at least :slight_smile: