MultiMod Rack - Artist presets unusable for owners of only 2 plugins

I just bought MDMX, because this would also get me Multimod Rack. Excitedly I open my DAW and load the very first artist preset in the whole menu.
I’m greeted by 3 empty slots, because only AR Saturator was used in this preset.
Thank you very much.

As long as people have the choice which distortion plugins they want to own, it would be really great, to still give them a complete experience with multimod rack!

  • The factory presets at least have consistent naming, which makes it possible to see, which plugins are used. It’s a start, but still makes finding relevant presets frustrating
  • The artist presets however have no information at all. I can’t tell whether Adair Daufembach either likes AR Saturator very much, or he doesn’t like Waves Distortion tools at all which is why he didn’t use any plugins in his presets.

One solution could be to let people choose in Waves Central which presets they want to install. And if they load presets for plugins they don’t own, it would be helpful to maybe show a placeholder graphic in the slots where a plugin is missing.

Another way could be to group presets by plugin combinations. As people need to have 2 of the 3 plugins anyway, there’s only 3 possible combinations

  • Berzerk & MDMX
  • Berzerk & AR
  • MDMX & AR

For now the artist presets are completely unusable for me, because I have no way to tell if I’m getting the result, the artists intended. Which is also sad for the artists imho. (speaking of sad artists, Pooch has a typo in his last name :stuck_out_tongue: ).
Last but not least think about all the Mercury owners, who are in the exact same situation. If I paid $240 in WUP I’d be pretty unhappy to get a sales pitch for AR Saturator instead of a fully functioning plugin ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Hi @krabbencutter!

Thanks for your valuable feedback.

MultiMod Rack has hundreds and hundreds of great presets categorized by plugin/s—around 500 plugin-categorized presets, all carefully designed and carefully chosen, highly useful and amazingly diverse and creative. We’ve included an immense wealth of plugin-categorized presets in MultiMod Rack, to make sure everyone can easily find many presets that fit their taste, needs, and plugin selection.

In addition to that, we’ve also included many artist presets. We’ve decided to categorize these by artist, rather than by plugin. This choice serves users who are interested in checking out what a particular engineer like Joe Barresi or Jacquire King had in mind; we do understand, though, that it is less convenient for those who want to browse these presets in the same way that they browse the plugin-categorized non-artist presets.

Again, for those who want the plugin-centric way – MultiMod Rack includes an amazing wealth of hundreds of these as well.

My point is, that for everybody who doesn’t own all 3 distortion plugins (take all current Mercury owners for example), the artist presets in Multimod Rack are completely useless right now.

Edit: I just installed the AR saturator demo and created a spreadsheet so people with only 2 plugins can still make sense of the artist presets. don’t mind the typos, I didn’t care :stuck_out_tongue:

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thanks @krabbencutter for the feedback and useful chart.