Plugin chains by artist/engineer

Hey guys, I’d like to see another feature of plugin packages on your site. On an SSL plugin there’s a preset by Greg Price for an Ozzy voc chain, but it took extensive research to find out what the other plugins in Greg’s chain were and then further deep diving to find what their order was. On your plugins tab, can you please have a option for artist/engineer, their chain(s) and then their order?

A lot of plugins already have presets provided by artists engineers. Even StudioRack which can offer a more complete overlook to some of their chains.

It just might not be as salient or as comprehensive in their older plugins.

Hi @anon22147323,

Studioverse will provide you with exactly this and much more.

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The timing of this post was pretty damn good. It was just before that whole Studioverse thing.

Looks pretty much like what you were wanting. The caveat being is you will need access to the plugins for it to work effectively enough. I believe they will work in demo mode though, so you can at least assess these chains before committing to buying or subscribing to anything.

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