StudioRack - Help with Purchase

Dear Waves Audio,

I tried to pick up the previously free StudioRack plugin and I can only see this listed under the included in: subscription packages.

However, I have just read the response from Waves via Twitter:

" Hi


, StudioRack and StudioVerse are available for free, regardless of whether or not you’ve joined Waves Creative Access."

This is fantastic news!

When I click on the ‘Add to Basket’ button, I get the following:

"Your cart is empty

[Get access to all Waves plugins] "

Please can you help.

Thank you,


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Same issue here. But it looks like it installs with the demo of WCA without restrictions. Testing now…

Hi @monophreak,

Currently to obtain Studiorack License you can install Waves Creative Access which will install StudioRack/StudioVerse as well.


I dont understand, should i install waves Creative Acess to get the free product!
That means i need to install at least 120 VST to get the free download!

I thought StudioRack and StudioVerse are available for free, regardless of whether or not you’ve joined Waves Creative Access."



You can do the demo for Waves Creative Access, Studiorack/Studioverse will keep working even after the Demo for Waves Creative Access is done for further information you can check the next article.

Additionally, if you require further information or assistance with setting everything up I recommend to Contact Technical Support directly for quick assistance.

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Works great! Sweet! Demo WCA to get StudioRack/StudioVerse without restrictions. You do not have to join or use any Waves plugins, which works for me since I own quite a few already. I’ve only tested a few chains, but SR/SV is very, very nice and easy to use. I am running it via Vienna Ensemble Pro, which is also very cool. The only downside so far, is the SR’s ability to scan multiple VST plugin folders, which is a minor issue that can be worked around. SR does see the majority of my plugins. Thanks Waves!


That’s not true! This is not a free product!

You need to install all products to test StudioRack!!!

Incorrect. It’s true that Waves has you install the demo at minimum to install StudioRack, but there is no charge here. Now, if you do not already own Waves plugins - I do - and want to use the Waves StudioVerse chains, then yes, you will have to buy them. But I already have many of the Waves plugins, so when I tested the chains as mentioned above, they just open and insert the plugins used. Sounds like you do not have Waves plugins, so then I agree, if you want to use the chains Waves provides in the StudioVerse community, then you would have to purchase them. :frowning: But StudioRack would still be available to you if you do not want to purchase the Wave plugins, where you could insert your own VSTs. Don’t know about what you’re doing, but it works great for me. You must not own any Waves plugins or just a very few. Anyway - hope this helps.

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I have a license and activation for v11 of StudioRack on my PC, two versions even somehow. I went through this whole process laid out here and downloaded the demo as laid out above JUST so I can use v14 of the StudioRack so I can load in 3rd party vsts. ALL I wanted to do was try to see if StudioRack can solve a workflow issue and I need v14 for 3rd party vst access. I downloaded the demo, now my plugin list is ANNOYINGLY long, and I gave up harddrive space only for Waves to NOT have v14 of StudioRack show up whenever I load StudioRack from my plugin folder in my daw, it shows v11. This whole process is INCREDIBLY frustrating and NEEDLESSLY complicated. Make the FREE (YOU LISTED IT AS FREE) plugin a 1 click activation ( you can download but never activate). MAKE THIS MAKE SENSE WAVES, I’M TIRED OF WASTING TIME ON THIS!

Hi @tdeem6,

Welcome to the Waves Forum.

I suggest you Contact Technical Support directly to not waste anymore time or effort with troubleshooting.

They should be able to do that for you and make sure you can use your Waves products.

Yes there is no additional charge for the plugins as they will run in Demo mode if you don’t have a license for them.

This is useful though, so you van check out all the presets on Studioverse and trial them. If you see something you like you can then optionally purchase those particular plugins or substrative to a plan that comes with those particular plugins.

But its all optional and you will not be billed for downloading these plugins.