Is there any interest in StudioRack hosting third party AU plugins?

As we all know, Waves recently released a new version of StudioRack which hosts third-party VST3 plugins. This news is super exciting, but as a Logic/Apple user, I would like to request that the next version also host third-party AU plugins. My workaround has been to install VST3 versions of the plugins I want to use in StudioRack, but frankly, there are so many and it would save me a significant amount of drive space if StudioRack also hosted third-party AU plugins as well.

Am I the only one interested in this? If you are also, please respond below.


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I asked the same question myself. It would be nice to save space by not installing VST3 instances just for exclusively working with StudioRack.

Hopefully they’ll get around to it, but even if they don’t the ability to use 3rd party plugins in StudioRack is worth the trade off.