StudioRack Can Now Host VST3 Plugins by ANY BRAND!

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NEW: StudioRack Can Now Host VST3 Plugins From ANY Brand >>
You can now use your VST3 plugins, by all plugin manufacturers, within the Waves StudioRack plugin chainer

Create and save complete StudioRack plugin chains with VST3 plugins by any brand, and even move your chains easily between DAWs.

StudioRack lets you unlock your plugins’ full creative potential: Assign your plugins to macros, turn any VST3 plugin into a multiband tool, and create instant parallel chain splits with all your Waves and non-Waves VST3 plugins.

Update StudioRack FREE in 3 Simple Steps:

Step 1

Ensure that your system and [DAW]( tab-supported-hosts) support the new StudioRack version (V14).

Step 2

Update your StudioRack license.

Step 3

Once your license is updated, install & activate StudioRack V14 through Waves Central.

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