Soundgrid & Studio Rack: still confused about info on 3rd party plugins

I think, I researched all available info and still am left a bit confused about Soundgrid in conjunction with Studio Rack.
I had the opportunity to test a Soundgrid server - in my case, it should just be used while mixing (not while tracking) to offload the needed processing power from my main computer. This integration worked flawlessly with all Waves plugins (I am fully running on V12, Mojave, Mac Mini 2020 Intel, Pro Tools / Logic Pro X)
What I did not understand was, why compatible 3rd party plugins are not showing up in Studio Rack. As far as I understood (and that was the only support info I could find), compatible plugins show up in MultiRack (which I do not own, since its target to me seems to be live situations). And: developers like Plugin-Alliance now fully ported their plugins to 64-bit, afaik, and still offer the option to download Soundgrid versions - but even the few of their plugins mentioned on your support site do not show up in Studio Rack.
So, please help me with understanding (and hopefully integrating, if ever possible) Soundgrid-compatible 3rd-party plugins in conjunction with Studio Rack.

As an additional, non-Soundgrid related question: when mixing 176/192 kHz / 24 bit recordings, Studio Rack is not available in the plugin list, only in projects up to 96/24. How comes?

Hi @dvdr

Welcome to the Waves Community forum.

SoundGrid Studio, StudioRack, SuperRack, eMotion LV1 v12 (and v11, v10) applications support 64-bit plugins only and use Waves SoundGrid unique plugin format called WPAPI, and therefore do not currently support any third-party plugins.

SoundGrid-compatible plugins by other manufacturers will be supported in the future, pending the manufacturers’ schedule to develop their plugins in the 64bit SoundGrid format.

For example, please refer to the Can I use my Sonnox Plugins on a 64bit SoundGrid System? article on Sonnox’s Official site. and therefore do not currently support any third-party plugins.

V9 SoundGrid applications (SoundGrid Studio, MultiRack, eMotion LV1 and StudioRack) still support all of the plugins listed on this page.


Hope this information is helping, Have a great day :slightly_smiling_face:

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