Studio Rack 3rd Party Plugin Support

Studio Rack looks like a great concept, but without support for 3rd party plugins I don’t see it as part of my workflow. Sorry.

I love the Waves plugins I own, but as most of us do, I have an investment in other plugs in that I also use in my workflow and there is not enough here to get me to replace everything in my DAW with new plugins.

I’d pay for a version of Studio Rack that allowed access to my current plugin library, but as it is now I don’t see the value, even with the 20 Waves plugins I own now. I would need to spend thousands more to use this effectively today.


Hi @paddlerat


Please refer to the SoundGrid-Compatible Third-Party Plugins

As mentioned there;
SoundGrid Studio, StudioRack, SuperRack, eMotion LV1 v11 (and v10) applications support 64-bit plugins only, and therefore do not currently support any third-party plugins.

SoundGrid-compatible plugins by other manufacturers will be supported in the future, pending the manufacturers’ schedule.

We hope as well it will happen soon…

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I must admit, that I thought (for example) that the Sonnox plugs were already 64bit??
Or is it that they had to have 32bit only, to support WAVES SG V9??

Waves SoundGrid host applications use a unique plugin format called WPAPI. Even if 3rd party companies’ plugins support 64bit VST or AU for instance, they have not yet developed the WPAPI 64bit architecture.

For example, please refer to the Can I use my Sonnox Plugins on a 64bit SoundGrid System? article on Sonnox’s Official site.

Yeah Sonnox and Flux seem to be the main 3rd party developers that I’m aware of. Plugin Alliance did start out offering support a few years ago, but they seem to have bailed on that idea a while back. I hope that they change their mind sometime soon.

I also think this a great idea that is more effective with a solid stable of 3rd party plugins. Regardless of what Plugin Alliance do, I really hope more devs get on board.

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