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Is there a known issues list for studioverse windows
Or list of vst3 not scanning, kontakt and many others ?

Same here, re-scanned the VST3s several times, from within Reaper and Studio One, it comes up with the same VST3 list all the time, missing a lot of the ones that are installed on my PC.

When I add sounds, share them as public, they are not shown in studioverse search?
Is there an additionally step nessesay to share them? please

Can we hide Chains for which we dont own the used plugins, please?

Hi @ansolas

StudioVerse does not support publishing instrument chains that use samples outside the Waves Audio Factory Pack (installed with COSMOS).

If that’s not the case and you’re still unable to see your content publicly please Contact Technical Support for further assistance.

I guess it’s not just for universal compatibility reasons, but I’m sure to ensure all samples used have copyright clearance. The last thing you would want is users posting patches with song tips, that could pose a legal nightmare.

Some synths aren’t compatible to stack because they have more inputs & outputs…
If i want to stack the virus ti or kontakt, it isn’t possible as these have too many inputs & outputs…
Can it not just use the 0 input 2 output structure it needs and move on, instead of completely disabling the use of the plugin.

How else would we use Kontakt inside this plugin?

Hi it doent even work with just one audio waves plugin for me.
see my other post (i am not allwed to post links here …)

Hi @ansolas,

Please Contact Technical Support to get further technical assistance.