Studio Rack in DAW on CPU + Axis + Server?

I am trying to use StudioRack in my Daw on my computer to offload processing to a SG Server… Besides my “main” computer that hosts my Daw, I have an Axis Scope hosting LV1 (or I could use SG Studio) and I have a Soundgrid Server. How do I use StudioRack in my Daw, but have it utilize the Soundgrid Server for processing while running LV1 (or SG Studio) separately on the Axis Scope?

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You can setup SGST and StudioRack for offloading easily by following our :" How to Use SoundGrid Studio for Real-Time Monitoring & Plugin Offload"article.

Since there few options to incorporate an additional computer,to your current setup, for further information and assistance, please contact our Live Sound Team directly : +1-865-909-9268

Alternitavly you can also apply for request over email Contact Technical Support.

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