StudioRack not able to switch to SoundGrid

Hi all,
I am having a problem getting StudioRack seeing my server, even though everything looks right in both ProTools and Soundgrid Studio.

Whenever I try to assign the processing to SG, I get the following message… I’ve never seen this before.

Any ideas!!?

It works in Logic Pro however.
Albeit with a different problem, in that it doesn’t seem to be reporting it’s latency correctly.
Puts what ever it’s on out of time.
Aargh… I’m having one of those days!!

Hi @mattrixx,

Looks like the StudioRack Component for Protools HD, HDX or HD | Native is loading instead of the standard one.

Next time you launch Protools, hold the shift button down until you get “Waves 9.97.99 Preferences” pane.
Make sure the top two options are not checked, only “Don’t ask me again”.

That should do the trick :slight_smile:

Thank you Yishai, will do and let you know how I go.
Hope you’re well.
Thanks again.

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I have it all working. Needed a couple of tweaks to the SG control panel also.